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     APT-OFFICIAL is the home page for APT Publications, the scriptural-research based branch of APT Publishing's online family of domains.

     Here you will find the APT School of Scripture & Truth, an online study of scripture and scriptural resources, The Pure Truth magazine, The Pure Truth Restoration Project, The Pure Truth Archive of online publications, the APT 7-Step Information Hotline, The Pure Truth Restoration Project, J.I.T. Publications online, and the O.F.F.I.C.I.A.L. National Action Group, among other interesting and informative resources.

     If you're looking for cutting edge scriptural research discoveries, the truth about UFOs, aliens, and clones, or insight on 9-11 and the Columbia space shuttle disaster, you'll find it all here, along with insightful and hilarious Commentoonies, and APT Newsatire releases that are almost as painfully true as they are funny!

     There's a wealth of material to explore and discover, so be sure to come back whenever you're in the mood to discover some more of APT Publications' unique and informative content.

     Add to your list of favorites in your personal Internet browser, and be sure to return often to see what's new.

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